Change Management

Operational Guidance

I help staff and managers through periods of changes and transformation in the operational processes. I really invest a lot of time and efforts in trying to establish a connection with each member of the staff and the management individually. This enables me to make sure that every individual feels involved, valued, necessary and really part of the organization during its transformation process.

Often people and teams on the work floor are a bit lost in and during the implementation period of organizational changes. A neutral key point contact person who will work together with and midst of the staff can provide stability, calm and reassurance which will enable a smoother and more efficient transitional process.

M&A transactions projects:

  • Post-merger integration experience: analysis of staff, present teams, variations in corporate culture and mentality and possible cultural differences.
  • Merging/creating of new teams based on analysis of individual competences and personalities, taking into consideration people’s own knowledge levels, experience, aspirations and ambitions. Main goal is to optimize working together as new teams and increase efficiency and rentability.