Kate Carcone

Broker, Keller Williams Luxury Portfolio, Executive Real Estate Services, 2022

I was bestowed the esteemed honour of being paired with Katrien Verbanck, as my mediation partner at Harvard Law School 2022; working together in attaining our certificate in mediation.

Through our shared education, Katrien displayed the utmost professionalism and preparedness in all tasks, proving herself to be a formidable sparring partner. She is a highly efficient and proficient negotiator, ever offering up game-time creative solutions. Katrien attains the unique ability to look at all angles of a tangled issue, keeping a fluid index of results. She pushed me – as she pushes herself – always striving for a results-oriented and all-encompassing resolve. Her cooperative communication skill and capacity to comprehend creatively toward solutions are unparalleled.

I am grateful to the professional experience of being paired with Katrien at Harvard Law School as my mediation partner and am better for her collaborative counsel.